Relocation Services

Employee Relocation Services that provide a better way to relocate.

GoRelo has the Relocation Services you’re looking for – and perhaps, some you didn’t realize were offered! We provide Policy Consultation as a way to review and develop programs to meet the needs of your relocating employees while keeping costs low. Our Pre-Decision and Departure Services include a wide-array of offerings to ensure that your employee is prepared and confident in the relocation plans that best suite them and their family. Once they arrive, GoRelo’s Destination Services will provide the resources to familiarize your employee with their new location while our Expense Management offerings will help them stay on track – from simple relocation expenses to audits. Learn more below on how GoRelo can help!

Policy Consultation, Review and Development

GoRelo has the expertise to design and benchmark relocation policies to meet each of our client’s needs. A clearly written policy manages expectations and helps avoid exceptions while managing costs.

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Pre-Decision services are a critical tool in the retention of an organization's talent. Pre-Decision services allows clients to fully assess the potential effects of an employee relocation from home market analysis to moving cost estimates, to much more.

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The to-do list before an employee leaves for their new location can be daunting. GoRelo offers a wide-array of relocation services to ensure that every relocating employee can reach their new destination without looking back.

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Moving to a new area can seem overwhelming at first, and learning the ins and outs of a new location can be time-consuming. Our experts will help your relocating employees become comfortable and familiarized with their new location to give them, and you, peace of mind. Our team has you covered!

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Expense Management

From audits to relocation expenses, GoRelo keeps track of it all. We provide relocation expense tracking, employee reimbursement, payroll interfacing and final W-2 gross-up calculations, just to name a few, for each relocating employee.

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