Policy Consultation

GoRelo knows that the foundation of an effective relocation program is the policy that attracts and retains talent for your organization. After all, a positive relocation can make all the difference in how an employee views their company’s relocation policies and procedures. GoRelo can help evaluate your current program or assist with the development of a new program, if needed.

To assist you further, our Relocation Specialists can also explain the program benefits and entitlements to your relocating employees for you.

Policy Development

GoRelo has the expertise to design and benchmark relocation policies to meet each of our client’s needs. A clearly written policy manages expectations, helps avoid exceptions and manages costs.

GoRelo also recognizes the need to review and update relocation policies on a continuous basis. Our team has experience with many industry sectors, and we are able to benchmark any relocation policy and provide feedback to be cost-effective as well as competitive in the current marketplace.

Cost Analysis

GoRelo can provide a detailed estimate of the expected total costs necessary to send an employee relocating to a specific host location. We can cater this based on a determined time period, and generally include salary, allowances, housing, tax, relocation and other assignment-related costs within the analysis.  We’ll be there as an extension of your team to support you and provide the information that will put your company and your employee in the best position to succeed.

Process Mapping

GoRelo can assist with creating processes for all of your company’s relocation needs. By having efficient relocation processes in place, we provide a better relocation experience for all parties involved.


GoRelo can assist clients with benchmarking and reviewing your relocation policy and relocation program. We have the ability to benchmark from other clients’ policies across every industry. We are also active with industry organizations and attend conferences and sessions across the country. Our Relocation Specialists use this information and feedback to keep our clients informed on the industry’s best practices.

Policy Review

A GoRelo Relocation Specialist will review your company’s relocation policy with your employee. We’ll explain each entitlement and assist them in all aspects of relocation services to include the following: the marketing and selling of homes, finding a new home, shipment of household goods, obtaining destination information and much more.  This single point of accountability makes the experience simple and effortless for your relocating employee.

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