Our Pre-Decision services allow your employees to fully assess the potential effects of a relocation.

Employee Relocation Analysis

GoRelo can assist with assessing the potential effects of relocating an employee. We can evaluate financial impacts and gather information so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision for your company and your employee.

Home Market Analysis

We’ll determine the best possible home sale timeline and identify potential home sale challenges for your relocating employee, such as negative equity.

Cost of Living Analysis

GoRelo will provide a cost of living comparison of origin and destination cities to help determine the most acceptable or competitive salary range for your employee.

Community Search and Tours

Orientation tours familiarize relocating employees with the new location and assist with finding a community that fits their particular interests.

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GoRelo can provide relocation solutions to companies both large and small.

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Tools & Tips

Check out our range of resources to make your relocation easier and more efficient!

Industry Insights

GoRelo's Blog provides advice and commentary on the latest in the relocation industry.