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09/22/2020 | Corporate Moving,

VERSA and GoRelo Partner to Benefit Clients

VERSA Relocation and GoRelo have announced today the integration of their business operations to offer an enhanced relocation experience to corporate clients. GoRelo team members and client contracts will integrate […]

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Will Brexit Affect Your Company’s Relocation and Global Mobility Plans?

Global events and instability always have posed a threat to international relocations. Not only can they cause anxiety among assignees, but these events can have a significant effect on immigration […]

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Health Insurance Considerations Ahead of an International Assignment

As companies expand their operations around the world, relocation experts and HR departments must look at health care options from a global perspective. Employees typically find international assignments to be […]

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10/29/2019 | Corporate Moving, Policy, Taxes,

Why Companies are Turning to Managed Lump Sum Relocation Packages

When it comes to determining the right approach to relocation benefits, lump sums have remained a popular choice for several years. They can be simple, flexible and cost-efficient when done […]

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07/26/2019 | Corporate Moving,

Tips for Relocating Employees Overseas

Moving an employee to another country comes with several additional considerations beyond what’s expected with a domestic relocation. Whether geopolitical events, compliance issues around taxes and finances, language barriers or […]

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05/28/2019 | Corporate Moving, Policy,

Using AI to Improve Relocation Assignments, Employee Retention

Anyone who’s picked up a copy of Fast Company or Harvard Business Review over the past few years undoubtedly has seen articles extolling the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact […]

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05/16/2019 | Corporate Moving, Policy,

Relocation 101: Relocation Packages

Moving to a new city on your own can be quite the challenge. It’s expensive, time consuming, and for most individuals, stressful. Recognizing that a bad move experience can have […]

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03/19/2019 | Corporate Moving, Policy,

Welcome to the workforce, Gen Z: What to expect and tips to adapt

From tips on millennial recruitment, engagement and retention to adjusting employee benefits and company culture, millennials have been a key topic of conversation in the labor market for several years […]

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Short-term relocation on the rise

Short-term moves have become a major trend in relocation over the last few years and will continue to increase through 2019. According to our most recent Talent Management Trends Report, […]

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03/28/2018 | Corporate Moving,

Relocation Best Practices

We’ll be looking at some of the best practices that we’re seeing companies apply to their policies, in light of so many changing market factors.

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